I have traveled most of my life. The daughter of a U.S. Diplomat I was born and raised abroad until I went to college in California. We were blessed to have lived in and traveled to many different countries which is how I came to have a gypsy soul. I continue to travel whenever I can because it's what brings me joy.

Travel also allows me to indulge my other love- photography. Check out my website Jess Peterson Photos, and my Etsy shop where you can buy my photos.

I am also an actress (on hiatus while I take care of my mother), jewelry designer and artist.

I might at some point add affiliate links. I will let people know in each post when and if I do. In the meantime, I have Google Adsense and Amazon links. I make a few pennies if you happen to find something of interest and choose to click on those links.

Hopefully you will get some joy from reading my posts about photography and travel.

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