Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3-D Photo Booth That Prints Figurines To Open In Japan

The Japanese are so clever, creative, innovative and stylish.  Check out this new take on the Photo Booth.  Remember squeezing into those old Photo Booths with a friend, and getting those thin strips of film with 4 goofy photos per strip? Well, a Japanese company Omote 3D is creating a  pop-up photo booth where people will fork over from $261 to $511 (depending on size) for a 3-D likeness of themselves. 

Pretty darn amazing, since I can't even begin to imagine how that works.

From November 24 through January 14 people will be able to make reservations to have their photo taken and receive one of these mini-thems.  The booth will be set up at Eye of Gyre exhibition space in the tony district of Harajuku in Tokyo.

The customer is first 3D scanned in a process that requires them to stand still for 15 minutes. A 3D model of the customer is then refined on a computer before output to a 3D printer. The figurines are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches.

The pop-up photo booth is a creation of Party, a company based in Japan and NY.

Source: Spoon-Tamago