Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tweet-The Series - The Web Series I was Just Cast In Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

So, in my other life I'm a professional union actress. It's actually my main career. Over the years I've been blessed to have been cast in many wonderful theatre projects all over the country, have had some commercial and industrial film work, some TV/Film work, audiobook narration and dubbing work, and now I can add Web Series to my credits.

I was just cast as Principal Potter-Lane in Season 2 of  "Tweet- The Series".  My character is the frazzled principal in the school where the lead of the series, young actress Taylor Blackwell, attends.  It's a teen paranormal webseries, that has actually cast teens. Not something very common in Hollywood-since teen characters are more often than not cast with adult actors in their 20s.  The filmmakers wanted to change that.  They also want to make sure that more women get work both in front of and behind the camera. In fact, when the casting call went out, they auditioned both males and females for Potter-Lane.  They obviously went female.  Thank goodness.

The series is a wonderfully quirky show about a young teen and her possessed IPhone. Yes, there is some humor.

The production company See-Worthy films has just launched an IndieGoGo campaign. Even low budget projects need money for essential things, like equipment, rental of locations, wardrobe, makeup, food and if we reach our goal, since this is a union SAG/AFTRA deferred pay project, the actors will actually get paid upfront. Any amount will help.

And if not, just join us on the journey.

Catch up on Season 1, on YouTube.  You won't regret it.  And look out for me in 3 episodes of Season 2, coming this Fall.