Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Converting Nikon Film Camera Lenses To Fit DSLR

Since I have a shop on, I belong to the Photographers of Etsy (POE) team. It's a wonderful forum for photographers to ask questions, share information, add our latest listings, and sometimes to just commiserate.  Since there are often many interesting things people share, I thought I would go ahead and start sharing them here, as well. 

While perusing the latest forum postings, I came across one of the photographers sharing how jazzed she was about finding someone to convert old film lenses to fit DSLR cameras.  She had been wanting a macro lens for a long while but didn't have the money to spend on one. Suddenly her husband remembered he had a box of old Nikon F film camera lenses in a box and there was a macro lens. They had also heard about someone who converts film camera lenses to DSLR, so off went their 55mm Nikkor macro lens, and just over a week later they had a lens to fit their digital camera for only $41.00. She was absolutely thrilled, and was raving about how tack sharp it was.

The only problem is he only converts Nikon lenses (and I'm a Canon gal), but for those of you who own Nikons, he might be worth a try if you have access to old film lenses. I personally can't vouch for him, but the photographer who used him was delighted.

John White's website is nothing to look at, and the camera clicking sounds are rather annoying, but he's offering a great service for Nikon owners at what looks to be a great price.

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