Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photoshop Fails In Advertising

We know that almost every published print ad has probably had some major editing/airbrushing work done to make it more appealing, at least to the eye of the advertiser. But not all photo re-touchers are created equal, as we can see in this Huffington Post gallery of some of the more memorable epic Photoshop fails. Some are downright laughable, like the SimplyBe ad directly below, where the model's hand looks more like some alien claw. The Talbot model in the second photo seems to be missing a leg. And last but not least, the Blomingdale model's elbow looks like it belongs to an extra-terrestrial, rather than a human.

I can't believe they let these slip through.

Claw Hand

Missing Leg- Talbot's ad

Alien elbow- Bloomingdale's elbow

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