Friday, March 29, 2013

How Focal Length Makes A Difference In The Shape of A Face

The Slanted Lens has some great tutorials on photo lighting mainly for portraits and headshots. This video, however, has more to do with how different focal lengths effect the shape of the face. And boy does it make a difference.

The lens or focal length of the lens you choose has a profound impact on the image. It effects the perspective, background and features of the subject. In this lesson everyone should understand what the different focal lengths do to the human face and how they change the background. Why do you choose a 135 mm lens to shoot a head shot of a beautiful woman but use a 24mm to shoot a clown. Keeping the head the same size in the frame and changing the focal length of the lens, I will shoot a series of images that demonstrate how focal length effects the features of the human face and how it changes perspective which effects the background. We will go on to demonstrate a simple 2 light and one reflector fashion lighting set up. I learned a lot from this exercise and I hope you do to.

Source: Petapixel

And this Petapixel article shows the difference focal length makes in the weight of a cat.

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