Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Looking Into The Volcano" - A father's photographic tribute to his son

This beautifully filmed documentary short narrative "Looking Into The Volcano", about a father (Tom Townsend) discussing the loss of his son, was directed by Mark Katzman.

"This short film tells a story about parenting, love and coping with the loss of a child. It highlights a long forgotten photographic process, the oratone, while celebrating the lasting power of photography. The challenge was weaving the threads of the story into a subtle, graceful and elegant film that relies less on facts and more on emotions to carry the message. By combining abstract and evocative moving images with the narrative, the piece takes on the qualities of a visual poem rather than a documentary."

Looking Into the Volcano from Mark Katzman on Vimeo.

Orotone (goldtone) was a popular, laborious photographic printing process in the early 20th century.

H/T: Krista Glavich-England

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