Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jack Long's Breathtaking Paint Splash Flower Photos

Another in my series of  'thinking outside the box' artists is Wisconsin photographer Jack Long, who has created some splash-paint photos called "Vessels and Blooms" that are exquisitely beautiful. Using high-speed photographic techniques along with different colored paints (dye, pigment and thickener mixed with water)  he has created these breathtaking creations that look like flowers you might find in outer space.

They remind me of Markus Reugel's work, though Reugels' is more delicate, and Heinz Maier.

He won't reveal his actual process, but he  says it takes months of prep and experimentation to get it just right, and then just a second with a flash to capture the images.

And no photoshop.

They look like glass sculptures.

Admirable. Incredible. Enviable.

More on his Flickr account.


Jack said...

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Jesspeterson said...

Thank you Jack! Will add this link to my post. Your work is exquisite! Thanks for visiting my humble blog.