Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video "Stand Your Ground" Photographing In Public and Private Places Experiment

As part of the London Street Photography Festival 2011, a group of photographers and videographers decided to conduct a little experiment on the limits of photographing in public and private space. Called Stand Your Ground,

On Tuesday 21 June 2011 six photographers were assigned different areas of the City to photograph. Some used tripods, some went hand held, one set up a 5 x 4.

All were instructed to keep to public land and photograph the area as they would on a normal day. The event aimed to test the policing of public and private space by private security firms and their reaction to photographers.

All six photographers were stopped on at least one occasion. Three encounters led to police intervention.

Directed and Produced by Hannah White for the London Street Photography Festival
Edited by Stuart York

The following video demonstrates what happens when they start shooting on the streets of London.

It's somewhat understandable that security would be wary of people taking photographs of certain 'sensitive' buildings like banks. And perhaps they wouldn't have had such a reaction had there not been a videographer in attendance, as well. But it's interesting, nonetheless. I have been approached several times on questionable private property, which I did not understand at the time, but it was just easier to walk away than stand my ground. Perhaps I should have.


Suzi Smith said...

I've heard so many stories of people being stopped... and police quoting laws that don't exist... even when photographing quite innocuous things. I'll stick to the countryside, lol.

Great blog jess.

Jesspeterson said...

The countryside is far more appealing, but I do love some nice architecture..
and thanks, Suzi..:-)